August 29, 2017

Our Training

Trading Analyst Intern Program: Group One hires bright, analytical, and competitive people to become successful traders. Candidates typically participate in our intern program, where they interact with traders and developers regarding high-level issues on a daily basis. Providing interns with an inside look at the daily processes and decisions made at Group One is unique in the industry. We truly think of our interns as essential components in our operation. The internship program also offers option trading classes after the close where they learn the finer points of options trading, hedging, and risk management.

Trading Analyst Training Program: Hard working, meticulous, and deeply interested candidates are best suited to success at Group One. Our program consists of three phases. The pace and duration of the training program is highly tailored to each individual’s progress.

Phase One: In classroom sessions during the day and after the close, analysts start with options basics: Trading, hedging, and spreads. Logical thought processes are stressed, and trainees are encouraged to think creatively. Supporting our traders on a daily basis adds to the exposure, where the details of the day’s trading is discussed in class. By the end of this stage, analysts are able to succinctly answer complex trading questions and how Group One approaches them.

Phase Two: While Phase One is largely concerned with the basics, Phase Two stresses how to adapt to varied trading environments, how to leverage our proprietary trading software to best react to changing conditions, and how to manage risk in a dynamic environment. Understanding the nuances at this stage are essential. Group One’s approach to market making is founded on the concept that our traders are highly trained in adapting to complex situations.

Phase Three: Here we begin the transition from analyst to trader. Analysts are given the opportunity to trade a moderate-sized portfolio so they can begin to leverage the knowledge gained in Phase One and Two in a real-time environment. At this stage they also have experienced traders as mentors, which provides them with a lot of guidance and confidence as they acclimate to options market making in the real world. Through ongoing conversations about risk management and opportunity, analysts forge the skills and mindset of successful traders.