Who We Are

Group One is one of the largest proprietary trading firms with a highly skilled workforce that focuses on areas such as open-outcry trading, electronic trading, and software development.

Group One was founded in San Francisco in 1989, and we’ve become one of the largest, privately held options trading firms in the United States, with over 100 brilliant people on our payroll in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

At present, Group One is an options market maker and/or specialist with every major exchange group and continues to expand its presence on exchanges as the options trading space grows and evolves.

What We Do

At Group One, we make markets and trade electronically.  Headquartered in Chicago, we maintain a physical presence on the CBOE, NYSE AMEX, NYSE ARCA, NASDAQ and PHLX. Armed with expertise developed through a rigorous training program, our traders provide competitive liquidity across a broad range of securities. We manage portfolios of thousands of securities and electronically stream two-sided quotes across multiple exchanges.

Our Business

How We Do It

We don’t just hire you, we train you. We only hire bright, analytical and competitive people, and we dedicate our time and energy to training them to be the best and most profitable traders in the industry. We have an Analyst Training Program that consists of an orientation and three phases. The pace and duration of the training program is highly tailored to each individual’s progress.

Our Training

Ready to Join us?

We are always looking for intelligent, resourceful people to join our dynamic team. While our atmosphere is casual and relaxed, we are serious about our work ethic and the future of our company.

We recruit for talent at the top colleges and universities. 

And, as always, Group One Trading is an equal opportunity employer.

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